Hello. My name is Adam.

In 25+ years creating classic & modern media, I’ve maintained an extensive & varied career in multiple fields.

My credits include Studio Lead, Director, Creative Director, Creative Consultant, Producer, Designer, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor, Actor, Voice Actor among others.

My direct work has won awards from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and attained multiple platinum sales awards.

I’ve worked alongside Warner Bros., EA, Microsoft, DC Comics, Ninja Theory, MTV, the Vancouver Canucks & other storied corporations.

I’ve worked directly with heroes such as Bono, Syncopy Films (the creators of the Dark Knight film series), Trevor Horn (music master), Marv Wolfman (comic legend) & other titans.

I’ve been lucky to develop licenses such as Batman, NHL, SSX, Need for Speed, FIFA, NBA, & others.

I’ve voiced over 100 characters, in television, films, games, & commercials to international audiences. I’ve written voice over scripts & dialogue for Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Nancy Cartwright, Michael Caine & others.

I’ve produced music with MixMasterMike of the Beastie Boys & Rahzel of The Roots, & worked on music videos for Art of Noise, Dinosaur Jr, Afrika Bombaataa & other artists.

Recent ventures include an anomaly, creating official short films and arena content for the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks, featuring the reinvention of a Canadian icon, Johnny Canuck. These films have reached audiences of over 11 million to date. Other recent projects include Head Writer on Bleeding Edge for the Xbox, Creative Officer of Aqiok Studios, and developing unique interactive technology for our TV viewing experience.

17 years ago I founded Sugar High Entertainment Incorporated, which offers creative services and production across all storytelling mediums, from arthouse to AAA to corporate content. Our mission is to make media that is forever remembered.

My personal strengths are developing original concepts & making developed content better. I live to push boundaries to the largest of audiences, built on the bones of proven storytelling methods.

I also have a mild peanut butter addiction, but I am not ashamed.